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Sou nascido no Rio de Janeiro, criado em São Paulo. Me formei em Design Gráfico pela Faculdade Senac de Comunicação e Artes em 2004 e desde então tenho trabalhado em estúdios de design e agências de propaganda. Acabei de concluir o curso de Typeface Design na Universidade Cooper Union em NYC e estou de volta ao Brasil. Pretendo desenhar novas famílias tipográficas pelos próximos 60 anos, mesmo que digam que já temos o bastante.

I was born in Rio de Janeiro and raised in São Paulo, and in 2004 I graduated from the Graphic Design programme at the Senac College of Communication and Arts. Since then I have worked in design studios and advertising agencies. I just have finished the Typeface design program at Cooper Union in NYC. I intend to contribute to type design and move the world forward for the next 60 years, even though some experts insist that we already have enough typefaces.

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I obtained a BA in Graphic Design in 2004 at Faculdade Senac de Comunicação e Artes in São Paulo( by presenting a completion of course project on developing a type family Giro. Since these college days I have been dedicating myself to design and study typography.Just after graduation I started my own design studio with two other colleagues at São Paulo downtown. Our mission was to present innovative ideas that valued national identity. The approach was to combine collective work with individual projects. I took the positions of Art Director and Typographer and was responsible for the font library, type choices and lettering creation. During these four years I learnt how to manage team work and my personal interests, while working with tight deadlines and critical clients. Parallel to managing my design studio, I worked as a multimedia instructor at SESC-SP, a major company at the educational and social fields supported by the local commerce chamber. My job was to introduce computer and internet use to the area residents, including people living in Heliópolis, the biggest favela in São Paulo. One of the workshops I developed that time was Introducing digital typography by using free software and online tools. Afterwards I presented this workshop at the P&D, Brazilian meeting about design development and research. My goal with this project was to find alternatives to design typeface without using proprietary software and to share this knowledge with others professionals and students. I intend to reassume my work as an educator withal my typography and design projects. My main typographic project so far is Londrina font. I designed this typographic family in 2008 inspired by São Paulo`s urban lettering. I wanted to recall the feelings of writing used day-to-day in my city`s informal communication signs. In my design process I treated each ‘error’ as a ‘hit’ to form a set of glyphs that fit together in a natural manner. That is the greatest quality of Londrina, and perhaps one reason it has been used by a large number of people already: the font evoke a doodle on notebook, a sale poster at the local shop or at the barbershop. Londrina, with just its uppercase, has already become popular, used by Mozilla, the IFC film channel and Urban Outfitters. As a further step, I had just designed its lowercase characters. Now I'm at Cooper Union in NYC attending the Condensed Course of typeface design, in August I'll be at Typecon talking about the Londrina Typeface project that was funded on Kicstarter.

I consider myself a self-taught typographer, living in a big city, inspired by spontaneous lettering.

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